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What if Richard the Lionheart had had a successor worthy of his legacy? What if it was not his brother John Lackland who succeeded the Lionheart, but his nephew Arthur of Brittany, the one true heir to the crown of England? What if he led the Fourth Crusade and conquered ancient and plentiful Egypt for the Kingdom of Heaven?

The Arthurverse, also known by its former name of Banner Saga, is a long running Grand Stategy RPG set in the Low Middle Ages, hosted by Sufficient Velocity and our creator JBO's fertile imagination. Thus far, our narrative has had six installments: Ja Nuns Hons Pris, Da Pacem Domine, Of Kings and Crowns, The Banners on the Horizon, The Banners Start to Tatter and Before the Fall, as well as a spin-off set in Japan at the same time period, spanning a century of history. Join us as we dive into medieval Europe and the Middle East in the aftermath of Arthur Pendragon's brilliant reign and the innovative consequences of the butterfly effect, born out of an Alternate History school originated in its namesake forums. The Arthurverse is a dynamic and brutal world where there is only one god, and his name is death.

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